Webinar Series: 12 Sessions of Group Coaching with Ashok

A Webinar series is 12 sessions on Mondays at 6pm UK time, over 3-4 months, further details below. You can join these webinars via Zoom so it needs no extra software.

I really can’t recommend the webinar series enough….and we have not raised the price in 5 years! Many retrainers tell me that they had used the DVDs by themselves for a while and had improved, but it was the webinar series which really took their recovery to the next level. It is a great way of keeping up motivation and feeling like you are part of a loving group working together towards health. Whether you are a newcomer or have been retraining for a while, the 12 Session Coaching Programme is very effective at overcoming any hurdles to recovery.

You can only book for the full 12 session course, not individual sessions. Webinars will take place at 1pm EST time or 7pm in Europe)


*What is a Webinar?*

A webinar is a live meeting that takes place via your computer over the web. The meeting can be a presentation, discussion, demonstration, or instructional session.

Webinars are an efficient way to transmit and share information. There is no transportation involved – so webinars save time and money!


*How Does The Webinar Series Work?*

The group coaching will be for 75 minutes per session via a group internet link with Ashok. All you need is access to the internet. There will be 12 webinars at 6pm for 12 sessions over 14 or so weeks. You will join the next webinar series that is scheduled or if it has started and only 2 sessions in you will join that series and receive the 2 missed recordings to catch up.  The webinars run 3 or 4 times a year.  It is okay to buy the programme in advance of the webinars or to buy when one has just started.

You can type in questions to Ashok live during the webinar.

The webinar will be recorded, so if you cannot make the specific time or miss a session, you can easily watch it at your leisure online at a later time. The recording link is emailed out to everyone (even those who attend live) within a few days of each live event.  This means that you can download and save the webinar forever on your own computer and watch it again and again.  Unfortunately Zoom is not downloadable on some Apple iproducts like ipad.

*What Content Will Be Covered?*

The call will be 75 minutes. Ashok will firstly speak for around 30-40 minutes on the topic, summarising the existing content as well as sharing his latest thoughts and ideas on the topic. He will be covering some new aspects of Amygdala Retraining.

Then he will answer questions, for around 35 minutes. It is always very interesting to hear other people’s questions being answered, as they often also answer issues which you may have personally.

Ashok really feels that having regular contact with him over 3-4 months is a great way of keeping in touch with the knowledge in the programme, and will be very motivating. If there are regular issues which come up in the questions, then the content will change to reflect this. You have influence over what will be covered.


*Webinar Etiquette*

Keep in mind that when you participate in a webinar session there are usually many other people participating as well. That means that it is important for you to be ready to go when the session begins.

  • Have the email that contains the URL to attend the session and login instructions handy.
  • Five to ten minutes before the start of the session, login by going to the URL that was sent to you via email.
  • Use your telephone or microphone’s mute button if you have background noise in your computer area. Voices of patrons or staff, ringing telephones, and other noise can be distracting for webinar participants.



“I think the coaching is excellent.  Even though I am very familiar with the program by now and am getting close to recovery, I find your calm and lucid way of explaining things to lead to further insights, inspiration, and ideas for how to help myself. “ P., USA

“I am currently in month three of my six month Amygdala retraining and have done the 12 session coaching along with it. It was the best decision I could have made. Doing this coaching was like having a private session with Ashok each week. He has consistently over-delivered in what he has provided and these sessions are no exception. The value for the price is exceptional. There are two compelling reasons why it is essential to do the coaching along with the program whether a newcomer or old timer:

1. It is like getting an entirely new and separate retraining program. I have saved all sessions for reviewing. That means approximately another 15-18 hours of training! You get the benefit of all Ashok has learned since he developed the DVDs and you are, therefore, getting deeper explanation and training as well as a plethora of new ideas and techniques to help. He clarifies so much of what is in the original DVDs. Plus, each week is a complete and unique training session on every topic you could possibly want help with.

2. I have had nearly all my specific questions answered by Ashok personally. He encourages you to write your questions during the session. Once in awhile, he missed a question of mine, but invariably, someone else asked something similar, so I got what I needed. Further, having him answer other people’s questions was fabulous because they were usually things I wanted to know, but just hadn’t thought about.”

“It is hard to know where to begin, so many different aspects of the sessions have been so incredibly helpful; I cannot recommend the sessions highly enough.

In essence these sessions have provided an opportunity to:
1. Dig deeper into the retraining techniques
2. Learn more about the cycles that fuel the condition and how to address them
3. Look inside yourself, reflect on your character and identify where change might be needed
4. Become familiar with a whole new set of tools and techniques to help you on your road to recovery
5. Recognise where true happiness lies and take small steps along that path

Ashok’s style, incredible insight and experience makes each session invaluable; he has so many gems and words of wisdom, taking part has been a pleasure.  It is wonderful to have the chance to ask questions and hear those raised by others.”       J. – UK


*How Much Does It Cost to Join The 3 Month Coaching Programme?*

Most people from English speaking countries will have purchased the webinar as part of the package they bought on line.  For those who didn’t you can buy the webinar coaching programme as an add-on to the DVD package.  Please remember it will be held by Ashok in English.

The cost of the 12 week course is £139 Euros, which works out at only 12 Euros per 75 minute session. (Approximately $200 or $16 per 75 minute session). You can only book for the full 12 week course, not individual sessions.  Please email info@guptaprogramme.com with information when you bought the DVD package and we will send you the link to purchase the webinar series.

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