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The clinic has helped many people with ME/CFS, and below are a few video testimonials from people on the recent observational study, to help you with the belief that you really can get better from ME/CFS.


My first year of university in 2007 I had a slow onset of CFS. Before then I was a very healthy and active person, but at the time I was reduced to a life of being home bound. My main symptoms were, a sore throat and extreme fatigue. While I was ill with CFS I tried many things such as, antibiotic protocols, elimination diets, and took an army of supplements. I was convinced it was some bug that my body could not get rid of. At the start of 2009 I was thinking about taking a course of valcyte when I found the Gupta Program. I decided to try it instead of the valcyte, and it was the best decision of my life.

Within 5 months I have made a FULL RECOVERY! I am spending 4-5 hours per week in the gym lifting weights. I have put on all the muscle I had lost over the last 2 years. My flu symptoms are gone, and I have regained my previous hyper active levels of energy. I have also gone back to a very stressfull job and I am coping fine. Basically, my life has been turned around.

Thank you so much Ashok!

After living with severe, debilitating Multiple Chemical Sensitivity and fatigue for 12 years, I found out about the Gupta Amygdala Retraining program. I tried it and after a few months, noticed decreased symptoms.

My improvements spurred me on and after the 6 month period, I was able to do go places and do things I hadn’t done in over a decade. There was a steady increase in energy and health, along with decreased symptoms over the next few months. After a short while, I stopped having any reactions to things that had previously caused me terrible symptoms.

The new understanding and tools gave me freedom to experience and live life free of a host of physical ailments and illness. The years have passed and MCS is no longer part of my life. It has been almost 6 years since I made the best choice to try Ashok’s program and I thank it for giving me back my health and my life.

Lynn in Canada

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ashok_guptaAshok Gupta is the founder of Gupta Programme, a unique and revolutionary treatment for M.E and C.F.S.

After recovering from M.E., he more


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