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Our Highly Successful 2 Day Gupta Amygdala Retraining Workshop to Enable You to Recover from ME/CFS, Fibromyalgia, Multiple Chemical Sensitivities, EHS and Associated Conditions

In a recent study, 90% of participants reported improvements, and two-thirds reached a full recovery.


“Meeting Ashok and the team at the workshop was invaluable in helping me recover from Fibromyalgia. I had had it for over 20 years, and Ashok’s enthusiasm and knowledge helped me get my life back! I can’t thank him enough!” M.S., UK


Written by Ashok Gupta, Clinic Director

I hope you can join me for one of our highly recommend Face to Face workshops. It is held over 2 days, for around 4-5 hours each day. After you have paid, you will receive the DVD home study course in the post to watch before the workshop and be included in the Webinar series.

On this course, you will revise the techniques with me, and I will guide you on a journey to understanding your condition, and the secrets to your recovery. Many people find that they feel the effects of positive health on the course itself.

Because I am there guiding you, I can tailor the course to your needs, and answer your questions as they come up. People do comment that being there live with me really helps with motivation and inspiration. It will be a positive supportive environment of healing, and you will experience the effects of the techniques first hand.


“I went to the Gupta Workshop in New York this past week-end. I was excited to meet Ashok and to personally thank him for the work he does and continues to do to help CFS patients. People came from all over the country: Alabama, New Jersey, New York, California, Vermont, Florida, Connecticut, Washington D.C., etc. Our stories were so unique but in many ways very similar. We all seem to have common struggles, those core patterns that we run. I am looking forward to future strides that Ashok will make with his hypothesis and in continuing to retrain my brain but most of all to being well again!
It was a wonderful experience for me!” S.P., New York


The groups are relatively small so that you can have some personal attention, and you can learn from interacting with others in the group.

If there are currently no workshop dates that suit you or no workshop dates in your area, you can go ahead and purchase the DVD programme and work with it at home, and then attend the workshop once new dates are announced.

Once you have attended a course, you can have access to our supportive forum and newsletters, as well as access to purchasing one on one sessions with one of our trained coaches.


“I already feel 95.5 % better after the first two days. I had company for 4 days which in self was a miracle they just left and I went back to work feeling fine, imagine that FINE! G.F., Nevada, USA


What Will I Learn On This Workshop

  • The latest updates to the programme
  • A simple overview of the Amygdala Hypothesis
  • How the brain gets caught in a loop and creates ill health
  • The principles of “neuroplasticity”, that the brain is inherently re-wirable
  • Practical and powerful techniques to rewire the brain for health and happiness
  • How to tailor the techniques to your specific needs
  • How to get further help after the course if you need it
  • The Full DVD programme for additional support
  • Access to the 3 Month Webinar Series


“I am thrilled to say that i have found complete recovery through your retraining programme, after 15 years of illness”. C.H., Milton Keynes, UK

I hope you can join me for what will be an uplifting and exciting immersive experience.


Workshop Timings – Day 1: 1pm to 6pm, Day 2: 11am to 4.00pm. There will be breaks and you can lie down during the course if required

  • Small group of up to 10-25 participants
  • Personal guidance from Ashok
  • Access to 3 Month Webinar Series
  • DVD Home Study Course Sent by Post On Purchase





(Timings – Day 1: 1pm to 6pm, Day 2: 11am to 4.00pm. There will be breaks and you can lie down during the course if required)

  • Personal guidance from Ashok
  • Access to 3 month Webinar series
  • DVD Home Study Course sent by post on Purchase – start watching as soon as received





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