It’s Not All “Just In Your Head” Free Event With Ashok on 17th Sep 10am PDT/6pm UK


When the “it’s all just in your head” myth is continually perpetuated in the medical community, media and greater society, it can cause sufferers to feel a lot of shame, guilt and invalidation. And often makes recovery much harder.

Have you ever been told?

~It’s all just in your head! ~It’s your fault that you’re sick! ~Just snap out of it!

~All you need to do is think positively and you will be fine!

If you have ever been a victim of this type of misinformation, then this is a not to be missed event. Let’s cut through the misunderstanding together and send a clear message that “it’s not all just in your head”.

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WHEN: Monday 17th Sep 2018, 10am PDT (West Coast USA), 1pm EDT (East Coast USA), 6pm UK, 7pm Europe, 10.30pm IST

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Find understanding- I’ve been there, and I know what it’s like to battle against these attitudes. I want to offer you reassurance that with my help you can overcome their legacy and get your health and happiness back.

Receive Support and Guidance- Join me and a community of others who have also felt misunderstood. And learn ways to cope when the medical profession, family and friends when they aren’t showing you the support you need.

Learn the Science- Discover why these Conditions are real physical conditions with real symptoms in the body, how my Amygdala and Insula Hypothesis explains them and learn how the Gupta Program can help you recover.

Get Your Questions Answered- And benefit from the experience of other sufferers in our FAQ section.

The session will also provide an introduction to the Gupta Program™ and the next series of 3 Month Group Coaching Webinar Series which start on Monday 24th September 2018 at 6 pm UK time.

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To learn more about the REAL CAUSE of ME/CFS, Fibromyalgia, MCS and EHS, check out my video:

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