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Written by Ashok Gupta, Clinic Director

We are a Professional Clinic based in Central London with Practitioners and Coaches all over the world. We were first established in 2001, and specialise in treating disorders such as ME/CFS, Fibromyalgia and MCS, as well as other associated conditions. We pride ourselves on treating all our patients with respect and understanding, and a novel ground breaking set of treatments design to tackle the issue at its core.

I suffered from ME/CFS myself around 10 years ago, and I had it for over 3 years. Through research I managed to get myself 100% better, and I have been for many years. For the last 15 years I have been researching ME/CFS, and this exciting recovery programme is the climax of that research. For a long time now I have felt that I have made a major breakthrough, but I only wanted to publish my therapies once I was absolutely sure that it would help the vast majority of people with ME/CFS. Therefore I have spent the last few years refining the therapies by working with many patients. I believe that ME/CFS is the kind of condition that is easier to treat if you have suffered from it yourself, as only then can you fully understand how it feels. I don’t think I could have made the breakthroughs that I have without the experience of going through ME/CFS myself.

The clinic has published several medical papers and is continually researching these conditions, you can find out more information here .

About Ashok Gupta

ashok_guptaAshok Gupta is the founder of Gupta Programme, a unique and revolutionary treatment for M.E and C.F.S.

After recovering from M.E., he more


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